Custom Experiences

Viking Footprints can offer you a more customised experience, whatever your particular interests are in the Viking age. Here are a list of all of the types of activities we can put together in a customised package for you. Please contact us to discuss what you would be interested in. You can email or use our contact form on the website here. We offer customised experiences to small groups, both private and business.

Activity 01

An Introduction to the Viking age

A characterful and humorous (we hope) introduction to the real Viking story. Learn about how people actually lived and just how wrong TV and the movies get things!

Activity 02

The Viking Garden

Farming was the key activity for most of the population of Viking age Norway. Learn about what people grew, what animals they kept and what they used from the plants and trees growing around them.

Activity 03

Textiles and clothes

TV and movies largely get the ‘look’ of the viking age completely wrong. Learn about what people actually wore and how the incredible colours of textiles were made. Learn about the importance of wool for everyday life in the Viking age – from keeping sheep to producing sails for the biggest of ocean going viking ships!

Activity 04

Magic in the Viking age

Magic was a key part of the belief system in pre Christian Scandinavia. Magic used ingredients from the nature around. Learn about what magic was used for, how it was practicised and by whom.

Activity 05

Row the fjords

Enjoy a relaxing time with our traditional wooden rowing boat. It’s built in clinker style, just like viking ships 1000 years ago. Smaller boats were just as important then than the bigger ones. The fjords were the roads of their time and the boat was how you got around. Learn about the secrets of the success of this boat building tradition and try for yourself out on the water!

Activity 06

Women in the Viking age

What was it like for women during the Viking Age? Find out how the position and rights of women 1000 years ago was perhaps not what you might think.

Activity 07


Handling a simple longbow was an essential skill during the Viking age. Though its use in war was limited for the Scandinavians, its qualities as a hunting weapon made it invaluable. Learn a little more and try for yourself!

Activity 08

Axe throwing

Learn why the vikings probably did not throw their axes around so much. However, their love of games of skill to keep their minds, reflexes and physical fitness give us a good excuse to throw them for fun!

Activity 10

Skaldic Storytelling

The vikings had an oral tradition which meant their history and stories were passed down in poetry and drama. The Skald was the Holywood actor of the day whose job it was to present the stories and intrigues of gods, kings and indeed ordinary people!

Activity 11

Music in the Viking age

We actually know very little about what music there was in Scandinavia during the Viking age. However, archaeological evidence from both before and after in Europe tells us something about what it was like. Learn more and try some historical instruments for yourself.

Activity 12

Viking Handcrafts

In an age where everything is hand made, from your clothes to your furniture, from your tools to your boat, understanding just how things were made – and the time it took – is fascinating. Learn about some of the hard crafting techniques of the viking age and try a little for yourself.