Guiding Services

In addition to our activity offer, we also offer a range of guiding services

Guiding Services

Norway Itinerary – Preparation Service

Initial video/phone consultation to establish your interests and the parameters of your visit. We will also establish the general areas to focus on and types of activities/hikes/places to visit (lasting 30 minutes).

After the initial consultation, we will produce a written suggested itinerary/guide prepared for you within an agreed timeframe. The itinerary/guide would include suggested lesser known places/hikes, with alternatives, further information sources to consult and notes on logistical issues such as access routes, weather conditions and other important considerations.

Follow up video/phone consultation to deal with response and queries to the prepared itinerary.

The price for this service is 1000 NOK (including taxes) for an itinerary covering up to 14 days.